Redevelopment Agency

Commercial Street Redevelopment Agency

The Commercial Street Redevelopment Area (RDA) was created in 1993 to collect tax increment for 25 years.  The Project Area was created to eliminate the spread of blight in the Project Area and to increase the economic base of the City.  In 2019 the RDA was extended for an additional 10 years through an interlocal agreement which includes Morgan County, Morgan County School District, and Morgan City.  A new incentive program was created at this time to incentivize capital improvement projects within the Project Area.

The RDA has been very successful over the years and is helping generate additional property tax revenue, supports redevelopment efforts of the Historic Downtown, and recruits new businesses interested in developing vacant land.  

The Project Area has 45.71 developed acres, 21.49 undeveloped acres, and 14.32 road acres.  Approximately 30.98 percent of the area is in residential development.