Morgan City operates under the six-member council form of government and the powers are vested in a council consisting of six members, one of which is a mayor.

The mayor in a municipality operating under a six-member council form of municipal government is, except in limited circumstances a nonvoting member of the council.  The mayor votes as a voting member of the council on each matter for which there is a tie vote of the other council members present at a council meeting; or when the council is voting on whether to appoint or dismiss a municipal manager; or on an ordinance that enlarges or restricts the mayor's powers, duties, or functions.

The mayor is the chair of the council and presides at all council meetings.  The mayor exercises ceremonial functions for the municipality such as ribbon cuttings and municipal appearances.  The mayor may not veto an ordinance, tax levy, or appropriation passed by the council.

The powers and duties of the mayor in a six-member council form of government can be taken from the mayor and given to either the council or such as a city manager or a city administrator by the adoption of an ordinance by the council.

The council is the legislative body of the city and exercises the legislative powers and performs the legislative duties and functions of the municipality.  This is accomplished by either ordinance or resolution as may be appropriate.