About Morgan City

Morgan City

Located between Ogden and Park City on the 84/80 loop, Morgan is a quiet, clean, unique community where you will find friendly people and an unhurried atmosphere! It offers the charm of a small town coupled with the opportunity for adventure and enjoyment of its clean air and scenic beauty!  Settled in 1868, Morgan was built on pioneer dreams and continues to be a city where new adventures can begin! Home to Browning Arms Company, Morgan attracts visitors from all 50 states and various countries.

If I had to describe Morgan City in a single word it would be “Prosper."  Not only does Morgan have some of the best economic indicators of any City, it is one of the best places to raise a family and enjoy the outdoors.  Morgan is supported by the independent values of agriculture and local hard-working businesses. The people of Morgan City are simply the best and regardless of how long they have lived in the City, most conversations with neighbors include the phrase, “I love it here in Morgan”!  While Morgan City provides a menu of services including; parks, trails, cemeteries, water, sewer, garbage, and power, we offer a rural atmosphere, great air quality, and stunning mountain views at no extra charge.  Ty Bailey, City Manager