Code Enforcement



What is Code Enforcement?

Code enforcement is a constant interaction between residents and their local government to meet common expectations. These expectations are defined by rules or laws referred to as Codes. The City Council creates these laws and provides their intent when needed. The code enforcement process requires patience and a commitment to maintaining good communication.

Why does Morgan City have Code Enforcement?

Beautiful places to live do not happen by accident, nor does the government create them! Great communities are made up of a mix of private property owners who have a sense of community and pride of ownership. The government is here to provide an orderly way for communities to develop and set minimum standards to ensure health and safety can be enjoyed by everyone.

Who does Code Enforcement in Morgan City?

We all do! Morgan City does not employ a full-time code enforcement officer to keep taxes low and tries to respect personal property rights. Unless there is a significant health and safety issue in a public right of way, code enforcement is handled on a complaint basis. Each resident is expected to become familiar with the ordinances and be a good neighbor. If you are curious about the rules or would like help getting a concern addressed the Morgan City staff are here to help!

How do I get a concern or a nuisance addressed?

The simple answer is you file a formal complaint. There are a few things you might ask yourself before you decide if you want to file a formal nuisance complaint.

  1. Is this a health and/or safety risk? (causes rodents, contaminates the environment, impedes traffic, etc.)
  2. Are you being directly impacted by the nuisance? (see it, smell it, hear it, etc.)
  3. Is the nuisance reasonably detectable? (can see it without climbing a ladder, etc.)
  4. Is the concern common to the surrounding properties?
  5. Have you discussed the condition with the property owner or tenant?
  6. Would you prefer to discuss the issue with City staff to see if they are already working on the issue or have dealt with it in the past?
  7. You do not need to be an expert on the City Codes, filing a complaint simply starts the process of having staff review the code and investigate the concern.

 What happens after a complaint is filed?

  1. The code enforcement officer will do a preliminary inspection of the property. A windshield survey to validate the concern.
  2. The City staff will then research the City Code and determine if there is a violation.
  3. The code enforcement officer or assigned representative with then call or visit the responsible party and make sure they are aware of the violation.
  4. If no progress is made in a timely manner (depending on the violation) a formal written warning (Notice of Non-Compliance) is issued providing a deadline when compliance is required and the responsible party is provided a code reference.
  5. If compliance or agreed upon progress is not met by the deadline a second Notice of Non-Compliance is given with a new deadline and the responsible party is charged an administrative fee based on the current fee schedule. Currently $50.00.
  6. If compliance or agreed upon progress is still not met a third Notice of Non-Compliance is given and the responsible party is charged an administrative fee based on the current fee schedule. Currently $100.00.
  7. If compliance or agreed upon progress is still not met the City will take legal action and give the responsible a Final Notice of Non-Compliance and a citation for non-compliance.

To report a code violation please call 801-829-3461 - Monday through Friday from 7 am to 4 pm.

COMMON COMPLAINTS - Click on the link below for the section in Morgan City Code.

Parking Regulations (Traffic Safety, Time Limit, and Winter Parking)
Nuisance Conditions (Weeds and Vegetation, Accumulation of Debris, etc. and Objects in Public Right-of-Way)
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