garbage can

Garbage days are Mondays and Thursdays. View the map attachment below showing what day your garbage will be picked up. To ensure your garbage gets emptied please have your can(s) out the night before, nothing obstructing the access to your can, no items longer then 4 ft, and that your can is not overflowing.

Items not allowed in your residential garbage can: construction material, concrete, dirt, sod, rocks, manure, liquid waste of any kind, pesticides, chemicals, medical or hazardous waste, tires, dead animals, anything with freon, or batteries. 

Holidays that are observed and could delay garbage services by a day:

  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Years

Please Note: No other holidays will affect trash pickup. Service may or may not be on schedule for the day following the holiday, so please put your can out as you would normally, then please be patient while we catch up throughout the week. REMEMBER: IF IN DOUBT - PUT IT OUT!


Garbage Rate Schedule


Have you ever been curious what happens to your garbage after it is picked up? Please check out the following link and see the path your garbage travels and what happens to your recyclables!…;


Morgan City currently does not offer curbside recycling services however you are free to sign up with any company that provides that service.